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Apply and Sumbit Your Proposal

Overview and Coursework

Proposal Application Overview This document defines the “Filling a Void of Research Training for Transplant Surgeons” (FAVOR) T32 grant and outlines the application process.

Appendix B: Formal Training in Translational Research - This can be utilized to create an outline of curriculum coursework adding up to 100 hours per year. The courses under the base curriculum are required, while the specialized training elective courses are to be chosen at the mentee’s discretion towards the best fit to the project.

Submitting Your Proposal

The T32 FAVOR Initial Proposal Appendix A describes the requirements of the proposal. Please carefully review each of the 12 sections in this document and include the required information in your proposal. 

Once completed, please email the proposal (which should be a Microsoft Word document) to:

Susanna Cheng
Program Coordinator, FAVOR T32 Training Program in Transplant Surgery

Submission Deadline

For consideration in the 2017-19 program, applications must be received by February 15th, 2017

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