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UCSF T32 Training Grant (FAVOR)

Peter G. Stock - 144Sarwal, Minnie

The UCSF Department of Surgery T32 training grant “Filling a Void of Research Training for Transplant Surgeons” (FAVOR)will provide two years of funding for in-depth training in translational immunology for two general surgery residents each year with an interest in transplant surgery. The program is led by Professors Peter Stock, M.D. and Minnie Sarwal, M.D., Ph.D. 

The goal of FAVOR T32 is to prepare the T32 research fellows to train and inspire a unique cadre of surgeon-scientists to translate astute observations at the bedside, in the operating room, and in the clinic into novel hypotheses that can be interrogated through immunology-focused translational research.

The program leverages the world-class transplant surgery program at UCSF, a high volume tertiary referral center for the region with excellent post-transplant outcomes. The FAVOR T32 program will focus on preparing surgical trainees for translationally-focused research careers, utilizing state-of-the art-tools  for the study of allo- and heterologous immune mechanisms relevant to solid organ transplant injury and acceptance.

Trainees will receive in-depth training in translational research to prepare them for careers as academic transplant surgeons. FAVOR trainees will devote ≥ 90% time effort to research for 2 years, guided by two mentors of their choice selected from a Core Faculty Member list, the first a clinical mentor and the second a scientific mentor (basic or translational). The FAVOR T32 program will enable  surgical residents who have been accepted in the program to develop their research careers in the dual bench to bedside model for translational research.

Goals and Research Experience

The goal of the FAVOR T32 training program is to provide a comprehensive two-year translational research experience, consisting of hands-on and didactic sessions related to transplantation (kidney, liver, pancreas, heart, lung), which will prepare the trainee for an academic translational career in transplant surgery. There will be two training slots/ year, competitively recruited from the Department of Surgery Residency Programs in the U.S., with preference given to UCSF trainees. In addition, one of the two slots will be offered to a transplant fellow interested in a 1-2 year degree course. 

T32 Faculty Mentors

Each trainee will be co-mentored by a clinical PI and scientific PI selected from the rosters of Clinical Translational Research Training (CRT) faculty and Scientific Translational Research Training (SRT) respectively.  

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